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What is Project Launch?

A typical construction project involves many moving parts and pieces. Without proper management of those pieces, the results can be full of disorganization and chaos. That isn’t healthy, and doesn’t bring the satisfaction that should come with a project. The process of starting and implementing a capital facility project does not have to be this way. It can actually be FUN! Having a structured process at the onset can minimize the emotional swings of a project and keep it on track. As is true of many complex undertakings, the end often depends on the beginning –

– which is why at Third Lens we focus initially on a stage called “Project Launch”.

We believe an effective launch is key to successful delivery of a project. Bridging the strategic plan phase and the design phase, the launch phase defines the project and gives the organization a chance to make any changes with a minimum investment of funds. Before any design is put on paper, the first piece of dirt is moved, or a single brick is laid, the launch phase has to be completed. The Project Launch phase focuses on the organization and planning components of the delivery process. It sets the project expectations and defines the project scope, cost and other parameters.

The end work product of this phase is a fundraising package that details the scope, cost and schedule for the project.
Once the project launch phase is completed, then you can move into the next phase of the project.

A Sneak Peek at our Process…

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