Testimony: “My Way Didn’t Work”

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How One Volunteer Brought the Mission Home

In March 2011, Ronnie Willis put down everything to volunteer with a Third Lens project located in a remote region of Honduras.  Traveling for hours on bumpy roads packed with a group of 8 other visitors in a 4 x 4 vehicle, Ronnie began to feel a fresh wind crossing these rugged mountains.  Joining local men and children in the community, he dedicated hours to finishing the septic tank that not only took him deep into the ground, but deep into the lives of people that were unlike him in many ways.  The simplicity of joining together to get many things done brought an inexplicable joy.  This began a discovery to living out the words of Jesus.

Going outside of where I lived allowed my eyes to see new situations.  As I returned home, I began to see a new world in the place I lived.  The exotic nature of this rural village pulled me into the lives of others. This moment in Honduras transcended to my life at home in my local community and living “missionally” in daily life. 

Soon after returning, a door opened to serve middle school students. Engaged with them in classes at their local church, his teaching incorporated this new mission.  This opportunity grew to work with both high school and middle school students.  Today, two years later, he is diving even deeper making final plans to begin study at Denver Seminary. Ronnie’s way did not work, but he is content to follow the way of Jesus and equip himself for the mission.

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